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U.S. Travel Assist is a private company unaffiliated with the U.S. Government. The service offers U.S. Citizens a PDF editor and customer support to simplify the process of fulfilling passport applications for a fee. Passport applications must still be submitted through an official Passport Acceptance Facility. By paying for and using our private service, you confirm acknowledgment of the above statements.

Document Filing Simplified



Get it fast and hassle-free.



The fast and convenient way to apply for your renewal.



Expedite the replacement of your lost or stolen document.

Our Benefits

Using our online platform allows you to get the following benefits:

Quick online application form

Comprehensive error checking

Easy step-by-step instructions

24/7 customer support

Complete your application using our online tool to avoid penalties or delays.

Follow our detailed instructions and receive unlimited assistance.

All appointments are booked directly on the government's website.

Visit official website 


Terms   |   Privacy Policy   |   Refund Policy   |   Contact Us belongs to a private enterprise that assists its clients in the preparation and completion of Passport application forms prior to their submission to an official U.S. Passport Agency. is not an official Government organization nor is it affiliated with any U.S. Federal Government agencies, nor can it provide legal advice. If legal services are required in this regard, clients are advised instead to seek out a qualified and practicing legal advocate.

The Online Passport Form PDF editor and customer support offered by is an optional service that requires an additional fee to be paid before it can be utilized. It is designed to simplify and speed up the process of applying for a U.S. Passport to citizens of the United States. Alternatively, the documents required to apply for a U.S. Passport can also be obtained for free on the U.S. official Government Passport website. However, this will not benefit from the simplified PDF editor and error-checking services provided by

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